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omega joint xtra shellfish

Omega 3 and Inflammation: Omega Joint Xtra

This month’s product highlight: Nordic Natural’s Omega Joint Xtra Omega 3 supplements have been recommended for many conditions when inflammation is known to be a root […]
green juice

Drink More…

Of your nutrients. What did you think I meant? Why should I juice? Isn’t it better to eat your fruits and veggies? I get that question […]
how to avoid mercury in sea food

How to Avoid Mercury in Seafood: A Fishy Situation

Though increasing fish in your diet is good, it’s important to avoid mercury in seafood. Increased intake of mercury has been linked to various health concerns, including: […]
A&K blog, parenting, toddlers, feeding toddlers

The Lunch Experiment: Apples and Hummus

A&K Baby Blog Entry 1: Cathy started this journal when the girls were 18 Months old Today’s lunch, leftover tomato soup (homemade) with apples and hummus. […]