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Ashley and Kaylee baby blog

The A&K Baby Blog is Born

As a busy mom, you’re looking for ways to feed your baby healthy, whole and nutrient dense food. Many of us struggle, between work, family commitments, […]
Choose organic

Why Choose Organic

Should I Choose Organic? Does it make a difference? Short answer, yes. But organic isn’t always cheap. And for many, it’s harder to find. Though more and […]
Nexium the "Purple Pill"

Acid Refulx: Reverse It Naturally

Acid Reflux: Reversing it Naturally A few years ago- in the pre-holistic Lara era– I spent a year with gastric pain. It wasn’t the end of […]
organic veggies fruit produce

The Future of Food: Sustainable agriculture

This video on sustainable agriculture blew me away. Not because he (Price Charles) is saying anything new. But rather because of the focus on the solutions […]