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Check out the FAQ page for answers to basic an frequently asked questions.

?Do I have to live in New York to work with you?
Nope. Consultations are scheduled by phone, Google Hangout or Skype. For my one-on-one and group clients, many prefer to work with me by phone or Skype to save on time and transportation.
?What does a nutrition consultation include?
A nutrition consultation includes an evaluation of your current health status as well as family history and life style to help you tackle your health concerns. During this session, we’ll construct a plan of action and help you decide which program best fits your needs and budget.
?What is a Supplement Overhaul?
A Supplement Overhaul includes a health history intake and evaluation, appropriate questionnaire, as well as a review of your current supplement regimen to determine what you should be taking to optimize your wellness.
?Do I have to have a Supplement Overhaul to order supplements from you?
If you’ve had a consultation with another health professional and would like to continue your regimen by purchasing from our store you’re welcome to do so. You can email me, and I’ll be happy to guide you through setting up a store account. However, if you have not had a thorough evaluation or it’s been a while since you’ve spoken with a professional, please reach out to schedule a consultation. These supplements have precise use and dosing and should be used under the care of a health professional trained in the product lines.
?When you say detox- does that mean I’m drinking lemonade for a week?!?
No absolutely not. There’s a lot to consider when you want to do detox, cleanse or juice fats. You can read more about the differences in my blog. If we determine that you need to a cleanse we’ll be sure to choose one that you feel comfortable with, is not too aggressive or sends you to the bathroom every 5 minutes. Still didn’t get your question answered? Email me now and I’ll be happy to address it personally!

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