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Programs and Packages

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Clinical Nutrition Initial Session *New Patients Start Here*

Gut Restoration/GERD, Thyroid/Adrenal Support, Hormone Balance, Autoimmune Disease

Program is a comprehensive evaluation of health history, available labs, genetic report (is available), medication/supplement review, and lifestyle and goal setting. Session is a combination of fact gathering and therapy program outline. This program is designed to help improve macro and micronutrient intake, increase energy and promote natural detoxification and healing.

Program includes:

  1. 75-minute initial consultation, health history analysis, diet diary review, lab, medication and supplement review, goals and therapy plan
  2. Therapeutic diet plan and recipes
  3. Optional: 28 day virtual support via MBody360 app
  4. Dietary and lifestyle protocol recommendations and session summary delivered via email

Supplement Overhaul

Life is hard. Knowing what supplements to take to maximize your body’s restorative abilities shouldn’t have to be. Schedule a one-on-one consultation with me and let me help you create a program that’s perfect for your needs.

The initial consultation includes:

  1. Detailed review of current supplementation, health history and nutritional evaluation follow-up with a 15-minute consultation via Skype, Google Hangout or by phone
  2. Recommendation based personalized nutritional needs to target your goals
  3. Protocol PDF delivered via email, which includes specific supplement recommendation* and frequency
  4. 10% discount on your first order through the secured Foodie Farmacy Dispensary.
  5. *Supplements are professional grade nutraceuticals backed by third-party testing, international standards and the highest quality assurance protocols. Read more HERE

First Line Therapy™- 12 week Metabolic Reboot

Diabetes, Pre-Diabetes, Metabolic Syndrome, High Cholesterol 29 million Americans have diabetes and another 26.6 million Americans have heart disease, according to the CDC. They all begin with subtle changes in metabolism that result in elevated triglycerides, high LDL (bad cholesterol), low HDL (good cholesterol), weight gain around the middle section, and high blood pressure.

If you have 3 or more of these signs, then you may possibly have metabolic syndrome.

If you’re interested in avoiding medication and treating your metabolic issues naturally, consider First Line Therapy. This system has been used in thousands of patients to successfully improve all 5 factors that cause metabolic syndrome. Powered by Metagenics/Metagenics Certified Lifestyle Educator 2011,2013.

Program includes:

  1. 120 minutes of 1-to-1 session to be used in 30 or 60min blocks. Consultations via Skype, Google Hangout or by phone.
  2. Health history analysis, food journal review and personalized program
  3. 12-week access to MBody360 for easy menu planning and shopping guide and unlimited messaging for support
  4. Supplements: Includes 3 month supply of Metagenics or Thorne medical food formula (powder for smoothie) for metabolic balance plus 3 months supply of fish oil
  5. Start by scheduling and initial evaluation/screening visit.

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Group Program Packages

Upon Request

Group sessions are one of the most effective tools to create support and change. They also offer a cost effective way to manage your health. If you would like to hold group sessions around a particular area of interest, please email me to learn more. Can be done via online meeting, or live in NYC (Yoga studios, fitness centers, doctor offices please email for more info about hosting a group at your facility).

Contact me to find out more about any of the programs listed above. Schedule your consultation now!

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