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You won’t find these resources in a typical pharmacy.

Unlike the traditional pharmacy, you won't find prescriptions, magic weight-loss supplements, cheap seasonal items or smutty romance novels here. This Farmacy is packed with tools, nutritional resources and educational material to empower you (and your family) to regain and maintain your health!

Free Daily Detox App

If you have an Apple or Android device, download the Daily Detox app! Get 30 days of detox tips aimed to teach you how to not only reduce your exposure to dangerous toxins, but also how to improve your body's natural ability to remove toxins.

Nutrition Learning Resource Center

No matter where in the world you are, with a few keystrokes you have access to information, tools and services that can quite literally change your life. Here in this list are a few recommendations related to beneficial nutrition and health.

Recommended Reading

For you book worms out there! Here is a list of my favorite books on health, nutrition, ecology, food politics and cooking. Knowledge is power, and with the amazing information by these world renowned authors and experts, you can start making small changes that make a big difference. Check back frequently because I'm always adding new finds to the list.

Food Documentaries

Some of the most respected names in the world of medicine, healthcare, science, ecology, politics, and nutrition have been featured in documentaries that go largely unnoticed. This is an ever evolving list of the evidence based films I believe will educate and empower you to understand our global food and health crisis as well as inspire you to take action!


Confused about which cupplements to take? There’s a wealth of information available, but the contradictory information is overwhelming. Which vitamins or minerals are right for you? How much to take? What brand is best, and is it really worth the price?

Farmacist Favorites

Every Farmacist needs a local Farmacy. Powered by Amazon, I've created an online Farmacy full of my favorite products. Here you'll find a collection of books, documentaries, health and kitchen products, appliances and personal care items I often recommend. All Foodie Farmacist approved, conveniently located in one place and backed by the security you expect from Amazon.

Nutrition Coaching Programs

Nutrition information is everywhere- How do you know what to believe?
Get the tools you need to get and stay healthy!

Free Holiday Menu

Nourturing holiday tips to stay on track Seasonally Inspired Holiday Recipes