My Name is Lara Zakaria, I’m a Certified Nutrition Specialist, Registered Pharmacist,

& IFM Certified Practitioner (IFMCP).

I work with Functional Medicine physicians and their patients to design and implement therapeutic diet and lifestyle protocols to reverse chronic disease.

My approach merges my allopathic training with Functional Medicine, herbalism training, nutritional biochemistry and genomics to design highly personalized interventions. Protocols are a blend of Evidence-Based Medicine, emerging research, the highest quality supplements and herbs, proven lifestyle modification techniques, and of course whole foods to address:

Digestive problems, dysbiosis, SIBO & leaky gut,
Autoimmune disease,
Weight gain & weight-loss resistance,
Sugar metabolism & insulin sensitivity,
Fatigue, pain & mental “fog”,
Medication-related side-effects, and nutrient depletions

Thanks to the power of the internet and the explosion of Functional Medicine, there are some outstanding resources out there, but many of the patients I work with come to me frustrated and conflicted. They do their homework, and often have read and researched elimination, low FODMAP, ketogenic diet, autoimmune, and other protocols. Though they have taken the first step to gaining back their health, many often feel stuck, and struggle to stay consistent.

Others, can’t seem to find the right approach that works for them. I’m here to support you in navigating the wealth of information out there, figure out what’s right for you, and fill your toolbox with the tools you need to implement practical, effective, and sustainable changes.

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I hope this blog is a useful resource for you to learn more about a variety of healthy lifestyle topics – ranging from Functional Medicine, nutrition & food, Farmacy, public health, supplements, herbs, and more…

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