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Fermented Foods for Gut Health

Fermented Foods for Gut Health Fermented foods may be setting trends on The Huffington Post and Mind Body Green, but these nutrient-potent foods have been around for thousands of years in cultures around the world, including Japanese, Chinese, Indian, and German cultures. For people living without modern medicine and refrigeration, fermentation was a simple means […]

What Your Bowel Movements Say about Your Health

Poop Unless you’re the parent of a toddler who has just mastered “going potty,” poop is probably not a hot topic in your household. But did you know, that frequency aside, the composition of what you deposit into the toilet has important implications for health? Features —such as the size, color, shape, odor, and consistency […]

Supplement Safety: Avoiding Fraudulent Herbs

Nationally recognized store chains, Walgreens, GNC, Walmart and Target came under fire a few weeks ago after third part testing revealed that the supplements being sold under store brand label were mislabeled, meaning they either listed ingredients that were not in the formula or contained ingredients that were not listed on the label. This is scary! […]

How Good Digestion Can Improve Overall Health

Good Digestion: The Foundation of Good Health So much emerging research has come up recently connecting the integrity of the gastrointestinal tract (GI) with many health concerns. Most notable are these articles on depression here and here, this one on dementia, and this on risk associated with cardiovascular disease. This doesn’t even scratch the surface […]

Why you Need to Stop using Hand Sanitizers

Looking to boost your immunity and overall health? You should stop using hand sanitizers. Hand sanitizers are a very popular and widely used personal hygiene product. They’re convenient and portable, especially if you don’t have access to a sink to wash your hands as often as you’d like. The problem is that, hand sanitizers are […]

How to Avoid Mercury in Seafood: A Fishy Situation

Though increasing fish in your diet is good, it’s important to avoid mercury in seafood. Increased intake of mercury has been linked to various health concerns, including: Cardiovascular damage, high cholesterol and high blood pressure. Damage to the nervous system, memory and brain “fog.” Increased incidence of auto-immune disease including psoriasis, eczema, rheumatoid arthritis. Increased allergic […]

Should I Choose Organic? Does it make a difference?

Short answer, yes. But organic isn’t always cheap. And for many, it’s harder to find. Though more and more supermarkets and local grocery stores are beginning to carry organic produce and foods, it can still be a challenge to stock up on organic. As challenging as it is, why should you consider shopping for organic? […]