Interested in learning about Nutrition?

I love teaching about nutrition to both general audience and health professionals. Join in the nerdy fun!

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    Nutrition Consultations

    About Remote Nutrition Consultations

    Virtual education sessions allow me the flexibility to work with patients all over the world. I’ve consulted with folks all over the US, Europe and even the Middle East! Consultations can be done by phone or secure video conference. You can visit with me without getting stuck in traffic or needing to find a baby sitter, and even in your PJs – no judgment!

    *We do not accept insurance; all services are out of pocket.

    Functional Nutrition Support

    Available for remote nutrition consultations as part of the clinic staff under the direction of Dr Kara Fitzgerald. To schedule a consultation with Lara, contact the Office Manager at 203.304.9502 of email

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    Mentorship For Professionals

    I’m excited to manage the Dr KF Education team as co-manager. In 2017, we officially launched two mentorship programs in collaboration with the Institute of Functional Medicine as IFM Educational Partners. There are two tracks: The Functional Nutrition Residency Program (FNRP) & the Clinical Development Program (CDP).

    FNRP is geared for CNS eligible nutritionists looking for additional training and mentorship to fulfil their supervision hours. CDP is geared for Functional Medicine practitioners of all stripes, looking for additional support and training in implementation of FxMed into their practice – where the rubber hits the road!

    Both paths grant participants virtual access to our clinic, a “seat” at our weekly Clinical Grand rounds meetings, interactive Q&A’s with Dr Fitzgerald and team, and exclusive webinars with industry and thought leaders.

    Speaker Inquiries

    Available for public speaking engagements for topics including Clinical Nutrition, Integrative/Functional Pharmacy, Public Health, and Healthcare and Advocacy for the Syria Crisis. Please complete this form.

    Integrative/Functional Pharmacy Business Consulting

    As customers become aware of the power of Functional Medicine, they’re seeking out providers who deliver those specialized services. Meanwhile, many community pharmacies are shifting away from the fee-for-service model that relies and swindling insurance reimbursement and actively seeking opportunities to deliver competitive services to set them apart from the chains and grocery mega-pharmacies.

    Consulting services include proposal writing, training, and marketing strategy consulting for pharmacists and pharmacy owners seeking support in opening a new integrative/functional pharmacy or upgrading services at an existing location. Contact me to learn more.