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I love teaching about nutrition to both general audience and health professionals. Join in the nerdy fun!

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eBooks & Digital Courses

If you’re ready to learn more about optimizing your health through diet and  lifestyle and looking for an entry point, start here! You’ll find digital downloads and self-paced courses available on various topics at incredibly affordable price points.

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Work With Me

Nutrition & FXMed Consultations

About Remote Nutrition &FXMed Consultations

Virtual education sessions allow me the flexibility to work with patients all over the world. I’ve consulted with folks all over the US, Europe and even the Middle East! Consultations can be done by phone or secure video conference. You can visit with me without getting stuck in traffic or needing to find a babysitter, and even in your PJs – no judgment!

Medicine Cabinet Overhaul

This is an education session that focuses on answering your questions about:

  • Questions about medications or nutraceuticals (nutritional supplements, herbs)
  • Medication side effects or adverse drug reactions
  • Drug-herb and drug-nutrient interactions
  • Drug-induced nutrient depletions 
  • Supplement review 
  • Questions on timing, frequency and recommended dosing

Lab Review

Opportunity to review labs you have already, including:

  • Basic metabolic and nutrition panels (ex Quest, Labcorp, Evexxia)
  • Stool testing (ex Genova, DSL, Doctor’s Data, Vibrant)
  • Advanced nutrition panels (ex Organic acids, NutriEval, ION40)
  • Hormone testing (ex DUTCH, Genova)

Initial Package

3 Month Initial 

The easiest way to get started! The initial package includes 4 sessions* and plan updates divided up as follows:

  • 75-minute initial intake/assessment 
  • Initial nutrition plan including dietary, supplement, and laboratory suggestions
  • 15-minute plan review 
  • 2x 30-minute follow-ups every 4-6 weeks and plan updates

*Total of 150 min of one-on-one services via telehealth


*Education only, not medical advice or diagnosis. We do not accept insurance; all services are out of pocket. In the case of financial hardship, please contact me for additional information about available discounted services

Speaker: Continuing Education & Nutrition Implementation training

Mentorship For Professionals

Nutritionists: BCNS Supervisor for CNS candidates looking for additional training and mentorship to satisfy supervision hours. Opportunities available starting Summer 2023. Contact Me for more information. 

Pharmacists: Pharmacy professional looking for mentorship opportunities in Functional Medicine Implementation, education, or training inquiries, Contact Me for additional information.

Speaker Inquiries

Available for public speaking engagements for topics including Personalized Nutrition, Functional Medicine implementation & Therapeutics, Drug-Induced Nutrient Depletions, Medication Management and De-escalation, Integrative/Functional Pharmacy, Public Health topics on access and health equity, and Corporate Wellness Workshops. Please complete this form.

Functional Medicine Implementations Solutions

As consumers become aware of the power of Lifestyle & Functional Medicine, they’re seeking out providers and services who deliver those specialized services. The solution to the healthcare epidemic lies in implementation of diet and lifestyle through accessible and scalable programs. 

Meanwhile, many community pharmacies are shifting away from the fee-for-service model that relies on dwindling insurance reimbursement and actively seeking opportunities to deliver competitive services to set them apart from the chains and grocery mega-pharmacies.

Consulting services include program development, training, and marketing strategy consulting for technology companies, multidisciplinary clinics and systems, pharmacists and pharmacy owners seeking support. Contact me to learn more.